Orientation for all new students will take place before the beginning of each semester. The purpose of this orientation is to familiarize the new student with the policies and procedures of AAMI. Each student will receive a Student Handbook and policies will be reviewed.


All AAMI students, whether campus or online, should order textbooks for their classes through Akademos, our online bookstore. To order your textbooks, have a credit card ready and click on the following:  www.aami.textbookx.com


AAMI expects you to take pride in your personal appearance and hygiene by presenting a clean, neat appearance and to dress and adhere to the requirements as outlined in the Student Handbook. Personal grooming and a businesslike appearance are vital to each student’s success in the funeral service profession.

Students are not allowed to wear jeans, sweatpants, sweatshirts, tee shirts, spandex and athletic wear while on campus or engaged elsewhere in AAMI activities.


The library contains about 1,400 carefully selected books, and a growing collection of periodicals and videos (Holdings). Current Funeral Service journals and bound volumes of past issues are available for reading and reference.

The AAMI Library is located on Campus. Our services and holdings ensure that students, faculty, and staff are always in reach of quality information. Whether gathering resources in the Library or online, you can find relevant information and have access for services and support.

The Library is accessible during normal operating hours of the school.

Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
(Hours will vary due to holidays and College schedules)

We are closed Saturday & Sunday, but you still have access to our great resources, as they are all listed on the school’s website.  If you are off campus, you may order any of the library holdings that are deemed available to be withdrawn.

Have questions?   Call, or visit, the library during normal operating hours; or Contact the library via email, Library@aami.edu 

Library Holdings PDF


  • Students who are studying or doing reference work in the library must be afforded consideration by other students. During the library periods on campus, certain reference books and all bound periodicals are issued by the librarian for use in the library only.
  • A Student I.D. or picture I.D. is REQUIRED to take out library books, video and audio tapes.
  • The Librarian will make photocopies for students utilizing the Campus Library. You will need to contact the Librarian in advance of when you need it. The Librarian will give you a time to pick up your copies. Copies are ten cents ($.10) a page (8 1/2 x 11) and fifteen cents ($.15) for legal sized black and white copies.
  • Students must complete a Library Book/Holding Withdrawal Form to withdraw any of the available Library Holdings.  (Limit Four Holdings during anyone time period.)

Withdrawal Form PDF

  • Students are required to leave a credit card on file in the event any book/holding are not returned in a timely manner, lost, or destroyed. A credit card hold will apply.
  • Books/Holdings may be checked out for a period of 30 monthly days.
    • Books/Holdings that are not returned within 45 business days, a late fee of $ 5.00 will be charged per book/holding.
    • Books/Holdings that are not returned within 60 business days, $ 75.00 will be charged per book/holding to the student’s credit card on file to cover the cost of the book/holding.
  • The school is not responsible for lost or damaged books/holdings.
    • The cost of replacing the book/holding is the student’s responsibility.

Online Students may withdraw books/holdings from the library by completing a Library Book/Holding Withdrawal Form and mailing or emailing it to the library.   

  • Books/Holdings deemed able to leave the library will be shipped to the student at the student’s expense.
  • Students assume all shipping costs and must pay shipping costs by credit card.
    • The cost to ship a book/holding is currently $12.00 per book/holding.
    • Students are required to ship books/holdings back to the library at their own expense.


AAMI offers an eBook platform as part of its Library Services, with over 55000 subscribed titles.

ProQuest Ebook Central™ is the industry’s premier ebook platform which offers scholarly ebooks from leading publishers paired with a sophisticated platform.

To access Ebook Central titles to find journal articles, books, digital collections and media from one of the most inclusive academic databases, click on this URL:  https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/aami-ebooks

First time users are required to set up their username, using their aami.edu email, and create a password.  Please allow 24 to 72 hours for authentication to access AAMI’s eBook platform.

AAMI’s eBook Central site identifier (Site ID) is: aami-ebooks


Eating and Drinking

Food MAY NOT BE CONSUMED in the classrooms or laboratories. If you wish to eat on the premises, you may use the student lounge. Garbage MUST be placed in waste receptacles and beverage cups emptied in the washrooms prior to disposal. ALL spills are to be taken care of by the students. The microwave and counters must be kept clean at all times. Failure to follow these rules will cause this privilege to be suspended.


The purpose of the technology provided at AAMI is to enhance the experience of the student and to better prepare him/her for a career in funeral service upon completion of the program.
Students and alumni (with approval of the AAMI administration) will have use of the computer lab for the purpose of research, completing classroom assignments and preparing resumes for gaining employment in funeral service.
The complete Computer Usage Policy can be found in the Student Handbook as Appendix I.


Job opportunities brought to the attention of AAMI are referred to interested students and alumni. This service is maintained without expense to either the employer or employee. Availability of positions in funeral service and related fields vary with economic conditions, geographic location and other factors. Therefore, students should use their own initiative in securing job interviews.
AAMI cannot guarantee placement or employment for its students or graduates.

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AAMI posts on its website the required annual notification to eligible students in attendance of their rights under FERPA. Eligible students have the right to inspect and review his or her education records, the right to seek to amend the records, the right to consent to disclosure of personally identifiable information from the records (except in certain circumstances), and the right to file a complaint with the Office regarding an alleged failure by a school to comply with FERPA.

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The reauthorization in August 2008 of the Higher Education Act requires colleges and universities to make information available regarding Voter Registration.  Students interested in registering to vote should see the links below.
New York State Board of Elections Voter Registration: Click here.
All other States: Click here.


Student Course Evaluations measure the quality of teaching and learning by asking students to report on instructors’ teaching practices and responsiveness, the learning environment, and students’ understanding of what they learned.
Course evaluations are part of a larger assessment process that contributes to the ongoing improvement of teaching and learning. These evaluations are conducted towards the end of each semester, and results are not shared until after all course grades are posted by the faculty.
Individualized links for each course survey can be found in SONIS for students to access, which allows students to complete the evaluations for all courses they are enrolled in.


The course surveys will open two weeks prior to each final exam and will be available until the end of the semester.
Student feedback is greatly appreciated and assists AAMI in providing the best educational experience possible.  All feedback is submitted anonymously, and any reports generated do not identify students in any way.
Instructions for Completing the Student Course Surveys can be found by clicking on this link;   

Instructions for Completing Student Course Surveys


I do solemnly swear by that which I hold most sacred; That I shall be loyal to the Funeral Service Profession,
and just and generous to its members;

That I shall not let the constant relationship and familiarity with death give me cause to yield to carelessness or to violate my obligation to society or to the dignity of my profession.

That I shall obey the Civil Laws;

That I shall not divulge professional confidences;

And that I shall be faithful to those who have placed their trust in me.

and may I be respected by all people for all time.