• Strong Commitment to Excellence; High Quality Education
  • Dedicated, professional, caring instructors
  • Excellent Academic Support
  • Superb reputation
  • Campus located in the heart of New York City 
    •  Intimate, family-style atmosphere
    •   Program length: 16 – 48 months; study full-time or part-time
    • Newly renovated facilities
  • Online Program available anytime, anywhere 
    •  Entire curriculum offered online every semester
    • Program length: 20 to 48 months; study full-time or part-time
    • Students are required to travel to New York City once in the last semester of the program to complete the Restorative Art course and the Funeral Directing Practicum Lab on Campus (Additional time will be required if students have not met the required clinical embalming requirements.)
  • Affiliations with the following institutions:
    • St. Joseph’s College (New York)


American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service, Inc. is the only funeral service school within New York City. Going back 70-100 years, there were five:

  • The Renouard Training School for Embalmers – Founded 1895
  • The McAllister School of Embalming – Founded 1926
  • The New York School of Embalming and Restorative Art – Founded 1930
  • The Collier School of Embalming -Founding date, unknown
  • The American Academy of Embalming and Mortuary Research – Founded 1933

After World War II, three of the above schools closed their businesses, leaving only the McAllister School and the American Academy.  In 1964, these schools merged to form the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service, Inc.

Together, with our forefather schools, AAMI has educated and trained some ten thousand students over a span of 85 years.  For many years we enrolled many second and third generation Funeral Home students. Today, the majority of our students are the first in their families to pursue a degree and career in Funeral Service.

AAMI’s sole purpose is to educate funeral directors by offering our associate degree both on campus in New York City and online, anytime, anywhere.

We have a long history and tradition in the field of funeral service education and continue today as a dynamic and rapidly growing funeral service school with an eye to the future!


AAMI is located in the heart of New York City. The Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal and PATH trains are easily accessible and provide convenient transportation for the many students who commute from Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Bus and subway lines are within easy walking distance of AAMI and provide transportation to every part of the city. The many museums, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Theater Center of Times Square, Madison Square Garden and the United Nations are easily accessible and provide unlimited cultural and recreational opportunities for students.
Houses of worship are located nearby.

The school is open to visitors each weekday between the hours of 9 am. and 3 pm EST. We welcome your inspection and the opportunity to discuss your special concerns.


The AAMI campus is located in the historic “Paramount” building just one block from Times Square. The entire premise is well-lighted, ventilated, and air-conditioned, providing a cheerful and comfortable atmosphere during all seasons of the year. Physical facilities are readily accessible for the disabled.

In addition to the usual classroom facilities for lecture and discussion, there are specially designed laboratories for Restorative Art and Computer Science which enhance the opportunities for students to learn; and an embalming “demonstration” laboratory that reflects a functional embalming facility.

A range of visual and learning aids are utilized to enhance and facilitate the educational experience in the classroom. These include films, slides, charts, manikins, video equipment and Power Point presentations.

The library contains about 1,400 carefully selected books, and a growing collection of periodicals and videos. Current Funeral Service journals and bound volumes of past issues are available for reading and reference.

Online and video-based students have access to all AAMI facilities.

Students interested in transferring to another institution must contact that institution for an assessment of how many credits will transfer.


AAMI is located in midtown Manhattan  at 1501 Broadway, 11th Floor, Suite 1102 New York City, N.Y. 10036, in Middle of Time Square.