Learning takes effort.  Research on college students has shown that students who invest more time in learning get better results!  Many times students feel helpless when they experience difficulty in class.  However, it is important that you take responsibility for your learning and contact the instructor if you are having problems.

Success is a choice – YOUR choice!

To get what you want, it helps to know what you want and know how to go about it.  Becoming a student is a lifelong process.  The final destination is up to you.

You must pass every subject of the curriculum and achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 to graduate.  You are encouraged to achieve the highest scholastic standing of which you are capable.  Satisfaction with the minimum passing grade (D) is often an indication of a lack of initiative and interest in funeral service.  It promises little chance for success in a license examination or in funeral practice.

College matriculation assumes maturity, seriousness of purpose and self-discipline. This is particularly true of students who will dedicate themselves to this important field of human service. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects credit to the Funeral Service profession and AAMI.

Each member of the faculty has full authority to take disciplinary action in cases of misconduct. Repeated infractions or serious misconduct are handled by the Director of Student Services. AAMI reserves the right to suspend or terminate the training of any student, by the action of the Faculty Council, when such action is deemed in the best interest of AAMI.

AAMI is a registered member of the U.S. Department of Education’s Network of Colleges and Universities Committed to the Elimination of Drug and Alcohol Abuse and as such has set forth specific disciplinary policies in the Student Handbook, which is distributed to each student during the orientation program.

The Funeral Service Oath should serve as a code of conduct throughout the school year and into their funeral service career. The commonly accepted rules of good behavior are required of the student not only on the school premises but in daily contacts with the public. Common courtesy, dignity, honesty and respect for the rights of others are attributes which are essential to a successful career.


All courses and degree requirements must be completed within four years of beginning the first day of class at AAMI. This applies to all matriculated students.  If you do not complete the required coursework within the four-year timeframe, you must repeat courses beyond the four-year time limit.