Education is the key to a successful career in funeral service. AAMI strives to provide its students with employment resources to support them in fulfilling their career goals in funeral service.

Job opportunities brought to the attention of AAMI are referred to interested students and alumni. This service is maintained without expense to either the employer or employee. Availability of positions in funeral service and related fields vary with economic conditions, geographic location and other factors. Therefore, students should use their own initiative in securing job interviews. AAMI makes no representations or warranties of any type of job placement or employment, and cannot guarantee placement or employment for its students or graduates.

The following website links are provided as a means for researching possible job connections that may be available in funeral service. This service does not in any way constitute an offer or a guarantee of any type of employment. This information is provided for informational purposes only.

  • Connecting Directors
    2725 Pinkerton Road, Suite 100, Zanesville, Ohio 43701   http://connectingdirectors.com
  • National Funeral Directors Association, Inc.
    13625 Bishop’s Drive, Brookfield, WI 53005   http://www.nfda.org/
  • Newcomer Funeral Service Group
    520 SW 27th Street Topeka, Kansas 66611   https://recruiting.ultipro.com/
  • Selected Independent Funeral Homes, Inc. & Selected Educational Trust
    500 Lake Cook Road, Suite 205, Deerfield, IL 60015

Enrolled students who wish to participate in the Selected Independent Funeral Directors Association’s employment data base should download and complete the following form, and email to Bea Pedersen at Selected Independent: bea@selectedtrust.org  All questions,  or follow-up, regarding this program must be sent by email to Bea Pedersen.  This program is only  available to currently enrolled students at this time.

Please complete all the requested information on this “fillable” pdf form.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Selected Independent Funeral Homes, Inc. and the Selected Educational Trust, after receiving the information, will send an invitation to upload a resume, cover letter and optional photograph for consideration by possible employers.  Whether the student decides to successfully add information (or choose not to add info, but still plan to participate), the information will be uploaded for inclusion in Selected’s Employment Opportunities Database to be posted in the members-only section of Selected Independent Funeral Homes’ website, www.selectedfuneralhomes.org

Participation in this program does not constitute an offer or guarantee of any type of employment by either AAMI, or the Selected Independent Funeral Homes, Inc. and the Selected Educational Trust, or its member firms.