Students who experienced an extenuating circumstance that prevented successful completion of courses may submit a SAP appeal to be re-considered for federal aid eligibility. Examples of extenuating circumstances include injury or illness, death or injury of a relative, or any other unforeseen, documented circumstance.

All appeals are reviewed by the Academic Committee. The committee’s decision is final, but if an appeal is denied, a student may file another appeal if there are additional documented circumstances that were not included in any previous appeal. A student can only have one approved appeal during their tenure at AAMI.

The SAP Appeal requires the following four items before it can be reviewed:

  1. Completed and signed SAP Appeal form,
  2. Statement explaining the extenuating circumstance(s) that prevented the student from meeting SAP requirements,
  3. Explanation regarding what has changed to enable future academic success, and
  4. Third-party documentation of the extenuating circumstance(s).

If a SAP appeal is approved the student is assigned a Financial Aid Probation status and may continue to receive federal aid. The probationary period is defined by the Academic Plan, which is developed by AAMI Academic representatives and agreed to by the student’s signature. A student’s progress is reviewed at the end of each term based on the Academic Plan requirements.


Fee payment deadlines are before the semester start date and are not extended due SAP appeals that are pending review. Students are responsible for tuition and fee payment by the due date, regardless of federal aid status. For payment options, call 212-757-1190 or toll-free at 866-932-2264.
Students with appeals pending review and otherwise unable to pay should withdrawal from courses by the published 100% refund date to avoid a balance owed to AAMI. Unsuccessful course completion resulting from inability to pay (e.g., failure to acquire necessary course materials, failure to officially withdrawal) are not acceptable appeal reasons for future semesters.


SAP Appeals are generally reviewed by the Academic Committee in the order in which they are received. The decision is communicated to the student by email within three to five business days of receipt.

Approved Appeals/Probationary Status

Students who successfully appeal are reinstated federal aid eligibility through a probationary SAP status and assigned an academic plan. The academic plan provides the GPA and/or completion rate requirements for each semester to maintain federal aid eligibility. Meeting the academic plan each semester will correct the student’s cumulative GPA and completion rate and return their SAP status to eligible by graduation. Students remain on probationary status for the length of their academic plan. Failure to meet academic plan requirements returns the student to SAP suspension and ineligible for federal aid.  Students suspended for Maximum Time Frame only and successfully appeal, are on SAP probation for the remainder of their program and allowed only enough hours to complete their program.