Repeat Course/Academic Forgiveness Policy

This policy allows you to repeat coursework in which you received grades of “F” or “D.” The purpose of this policy is to permit students to improve on their past poor performance and allow the student to demonstrate his/her current ability.

Although a student must repeat “F” work, the failure will not be calculated in the subsequent cumulative grade point average once the course work has been successfully repeated.  However, any course that is repeated will count toward the number of Attempted Credits in Calculating a student’s Satisfactory Academic Performance Pace and will remain on the transcript.

A student who was academically dismissed due to not meeting Satisfactory Academic Performance (SAP) must apply for reinstatement at AAMI. If the student is allowed to re-enroll, he/she must follow the terms and conditions outlined by the Director of Student Services at the point of reinstatement.

Repeated course(s) are indicated on the transcript by adding the suffix “-R” (i.e. A-R; B-R etc.)