Tuition is computed with the assumption that a student will remain throughout the entire program. No part of the tuition can be refunded for withdrawal or dismissal without approval by the AAMI administration and settlement of all current financial obligations.

Students who withdraw are required to notify the administration in a signed and dated letter that becomes effective on the date of its receipt. A student may also be considered to have withdrawn by non-attendance for 30 days, in which instance the effective date of resignation is 30 days following the last date of attendance.

A student withdrawing prior to the commencement of classes will be entitled to a refund of all tuition paid in advance. Withdrawal or termination refunds occurring during any semester will be governed by the following schedule:

100%     Before the first day of the semester
75%      1st week-from the first week of the semester
50%      2nd week-from the second week of the semester
25%      3rd week-from the third week of the semester
15%      4th week-from the fourth week of the semester

There are no refunds after the 4th week of the semester.

For first-time students who receive Title IV funds such as Stafford Student Loans, PELL Grants, etc., and withdraw before 60% of the period of enrollment has elapsed, a pro-rata calculation shall be determined using Federal regulations.