Students who withdraw from the degree program and all courses before the semester begins will not be penalized or charged for the semester. Students must notify the Registrar before the start of the semester.

Students who completely withdraw from the program or all courses after classes start must notify the Registrar immediately by phone or email. Due to the staggered end dates of the online courses, each request for a full semester withdrawal will be treated individually. Consideration will be given depending on the circumstances regarding the request for withdrawal. This policy only applies to a full semester withdrawal for online courses.

Students may apply for withdrawal at any point during the semester for serious medical reasons. Medical documentation must accompany the student request for withdrawal. Each request for a medical withdrawal is considered individually.

The student is responsible for any financial obligations incurred as a result of registration.

In order to maintain eligibility for financial aid, all students who receive financial aid from the federal and/or state government are required to meet specific standards of academic progress (total number of credits passed and the student’s grade point average in a specific semester). Students must check with the Financial Aid office to evaluate the impact the withdrawal will have on the student’s financial aid.