AAMI Serves the Needs of Active and Retired Military Service Members.

AAMI offers military service members and veterans an educational program and a pathway to a career in the funeral service profession for the 21st century.

We serve your needs by:

  • Developing your funeral service knowledge and skills to enhance your ability to perform your military duties as a 92M
  • Empowering you while on active duty to acquire the professional qualifications necessary to enter the funeral service profession when you return to the civilian workplace
  • Providing veterans with a post-secondary education that will give you the option to join a secure and time-honored profession.

Military Student Recruitment Policy.  (revised 30 April 2019)

It is the policy of AAMI that no potential military student be recruited by any individual or group of individuals who act in an aggressive or fraudulent manner, and that no compensation will be provided to any individual or group of individuals for any military enrollments.

In no instance does AAMI proport to be endorsed by any Military Service, or any current or former members of the military. It offers no military related testimonies and will not use any unauthorized DoD or Military Service insignias or logos in any advertising or marketing, and will seek approval when required.

Military students must apply to the program in the same manner as non-military students, via an application and meeting all the school’s admissions requirements.

All active prospective military students are advised to contact their student’s Educational Services Officer (ESO), military counselor or Service before applying to, or enrolling in AAMI’s program.

How To Apply

Step 1: Complete the Application for Admission

Step 2: Complete the Military Information Form

Step 3: Review the Application Completion Guide

Please contact the AAMI Admissions Office via telephone 212-757-1190 or via email at Military@AAMI.EDU