AAMI Serves the Needs of Active and Retired Military Service Members.

AAMI offers military service members and veterans an educational program and a pathway to a career in the funeral service profession for the 21st century.

We serve your needs by:

  • Developing your funeral service knowledge and skills to enhance your ability to perform your military duties as a 92M
  • Empowering you while on active duty to acquire the professional qualifications necessary to enter the funeral service profession when you return to the civilian workplace
  • Providing veterans with a post-secondary education that will give you the option to join a secure and time-honored profession

How To Apply

Step 1: Complete the Application for Admission

Step 2: Complete the Military Information Form

Step 3: Review the Application Completion Guide

Please contact the AAMI Admissions Office via telephone 212-757-1190 or via email at Military@AAMI.EDU

AAMI Military Video