Grade reports are issued at the end of each semester in accordance with the following system:

Grade Descriptive Equivalent Numerical Equivalent Quality Points
A Excellent 90-100 4
B Very Good 80-89 3
C Satisfactory 75-79 2
D Passing 70-74 1
F Failure below 70 0
F* Failure due to non-attendance 0 0
W Withdrawal
TR Transfer credit
-R Repeat course
P Pass
I Incomplete
IP In Progress
AU Audit

ONLY credits earned at AAMI are used in computing the student grade point average.

A grade point average is computed each semester by dividing the total number of quality points achieved by the number of semester credits attempted, including a grade of “F” or “F*” but not grades of “W”  “TR” or “P.” After 6 months an Incomplete  converts to an F.