Results of the SAP Calculation

At the end of each semester, SAP is calculated against the student’s academic transcript. Results of this calculation that are not Satisfactory will be emailed to the student at their personal email address within seven to ten business days of the end of the term with either an Academic Warning or Academic Probation notification.

Students will be assigned one of the following statuses:

Academic Dismissal

Students failing to maintain a satisfactory Cumulative GPA in two Consecutive Enrollments will result in the student’s Dismissal.  If dismissed, a student must sit out a period of one enrollment before being permitted back on Academic Probation with an “Agreed to Academic Plan.” If the student fails to maintain satisfactory Earned Cumulative GPA in two consecutive enrollments, the student is dismissed permanently.

Failure to maintain “Satisfactory Academic Performance” (SAP) may jeopardize your eligibility for certain financial aid awards.