The preliminary budget shown approximates your cost of education for the academic year and includes an amount for tuition and fees, including school-based fees (depending on your course load); an allowance for room and board (which varies according to where you live); a standard amount for books, supplies, and personal expenses; and a transportation allowance. Typical budgets are presented here to help you understand how your cost of education was determined.

  (Students living away from home) (Students living at home)
TUITION AND FEES1 $15,750 $15,750
TRANSPORTATION $1,020 $1,020
ROOM & BOARD3 $10,800 $3,000
MISC. EXPENSES4 $4,550 $3,600
  1.  Tuition and Fees are based on a yearly average and are the same for both campus and online students
  2. Book costs vary depending upon edition and year
  3. Room & Board costs depend on several factors such as location, living at home, etc.
  4. Miscellaneous educational expenses may be items such as a computer,  national board exams, Department of Health Fees


The Student Computer Initiative requires all AAMI students to own or have access to a personal computer, hardware, printer, scanner, software, and have internet accessibility.

AAMI has built an allowance into the cost of attendance for all enrolled and transfer students, which increases eligibility for financial aid. The allowance covers the minimum AAMI computer and equipment purchase and is adjusted annually.

Adding an allowance to the student’s COA does not necessarily mean financial aid funds will increase to cover the expense. If a student has already borrowed the maximum amount, is not eligible for a supplemental loan or does not have any remaining funding sources, there may be no financial aid to assist with the purchase of a computer or equipment.

To determine if there are any sources of financial aid available, students should contact the AAMI Office of Financial Aid.

Whether using a laptop already owned, or buying a new one, it should meet the System Requirements criteria found under the Student Services Tab located on AAMI’s website,