You will be required to travel to New York City once in the last semester of your program to complete the Restorative Art course and the Funeral Directing Practicum Lab on Campus on one of the scheduled dates and times offered by the school.  Additional time will be required if students have not met required the clinical embalming requirements.

Beginning with the semester following the successful completion of PHT 201, Principles of Embalming I, it is strongly recommended that each student identify an embalming clinical site (for example: a funeral home or other AAMI approved site) where the required 10 embalmings and required tasks for PHT 412, Clinical Embalming, will be completed.

Such arrangements must be coordinated with the Coordinator of Clinical Embalming to ensure that the proper documents and procedures are followed. In no instance can any embalming take place before the student has the approval of the Coordinator of Clinical Embalming.