Challenge Examination for Transfer Credit

For selected courses that include material tested on the NBE and that were completed at another accredited institution with a grade of B or better in the past 4 years, an accepted student may take an AAMI Challenge Examination prior to the beginning of any semester in order to determine if the course can be accepted for transfer credit. The student must receive a score of 80 or above on the Challenge Exam to have the course transferred for credit in place of the AAMI course.

A Challenge Exam may only be taken once for each course challenged. A student may request a copy of the AAMI course Syllabus and course Outline in order to determine whether he or she should take a Challenge Exam and also to assist in the preparation for an exam.

Challenge Exams are available for the following courses. This list of challengeable courses is subject to change at any time.

  1. BUS 202 Small Business Management (2 credits)
  2. BUS 311 Accounting (2 credits)
  3. GEN 211 Anatomy I (3 credits)
  4. GEN 313 Introduction to Chemistry (2 credits)
  5. LAW 201 Business Law (2 credits)
  6. GEN 212 Introduction to Microbiology (2 credits)

Contact the Director of Student Services for further information about the Challenge Exams and the dates they are offered.