In accordance with Public Law 101-542, in addition to the security disclosure form provided to each prospective student in their application packet, information regarding on-campus crimes occurring at all colleges may also be found by visiting the following web address: http://OPE.ED.GOV/SECURITY. The Registrar and the Advisory Committee on Campus Safety will provide upon request all campus crime statistics as reported to the U.S. Department of Education. The Registrar may be contacted by phone at 1-212-757-1190 or 1-866-932-2264.

AAMI has adopted regulations in accordance with the provisions of the Campus Security Act of 1990. This information is updated annually and kept on file in the Library and in the Administrative office.

AAMI has a “Policy Against Discrimination Including Sexual Harassment and Bias-Related Crimes.” The policy is included as Appendix A in the Student Handbook which is distributed to all students and available online for other interested individuals.

No person entering the AAMI campus at 619 W. 54th St., 2nd floor, New York, New York or any facility where AAMI provides instruction or student services, shall have in their possession a rifle, shotgun, firearm or any other dangerous instrument or material that can be used to inflict bodily harm on an individual, damage to its campus building or damage to its off-site facilities as per N.Y. Penal Law 265.01(3).265.01-a. See the Campus Security Manual for further details.