Regular attendance and class participation are essential for successful scholarship. Moreover, the habit of attending all scheduled classes and meeting all assignments promptly are attributes that a student will carry over into his/her professional career.

Unless students are confident of their academic aptitude, they are urged not to take an outside job during the early weeks of the school year. They should first make a satisfactory adjustment to school life. Success in school is the paramount consideration and outside activities should be secondary to this end.


Verified extended absences due to military obligations, court appearances or extended illness may be given special consideration by the Faculty Council.


To receive credit, a campus student must attend at least 80% of all scheduled hours in each course. Those students who do not meet this requirement will receive

“NC” (No Credit) on their transcript and will be required to repeat the course the next time it is offered and attend classes on a regular basis.


Federal policy and AAMI online attendance policy require students to be in continuous attendance for the entire semester. To enforce these policies, AAMI maintains attendance records on all students to ensure that they are in continuous attendance.

See the STUDENT HANDBOOK for the detailed online attendance policy.