The mission of American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service is to educate students so that they may reach their full potential and achieve their goal to enter the funeral service profession. AAMI is committed to creating a learning environment that supports educational excellence, endorses academic integrity and promotes steadfastness and ethical behavior in the funeral profession. As a leader in funeral service education for over 90 years, AAMI provides for and supports the educational needs of the funeral industry.

AAMI is an urban, not-for-profit, private, single-purpose academic institution that offers both a campus and online associate degree program option dedicated to the educational needs of the funeral industry. AAMI provides educational leadership through learning opportunities that anticipate, prepare for and meet the challenges of educating a socially and economically diverse population. AAMI provides opportunities for students, faculty and staff to study, research and observe the culture, customs and changing dynamics of the funeral profession.


  1. To support and maintain academic integrity and academic excellence.
  2. To educate students in:
    a.  every phase of funeral service including its history and current trends;
    b. the laws, regulations and guidelines at the federal, state, provincial- territorial and local regulatory levels:
    c. public health, safety and welfare in caring for human remains; and,
    d. the necessary proficiency and skills for the profession.
  3. To respond to and provide for the educational and academic needs of the funeral industry.
  4. To actively seek, maintain and cultivate a qualified and diverse faculty and staff dedicated to accomplishing the goals of AAMI.
  5. To provide quality instructional programs, appropriate technologies, support services and staff to achieve our educational goals.
  6. To promote a climate that enhances diversity, teamwork and student success.
  7. To be a visible and responsive leader within the funeral service industry and to promote the highest ethical standards.
  8. To develop in each student a sense of responsibility and instill in each the moral obligations inherent in this time-honored vocation. In addition, it is the goal of the school to ensure that each student recognizes that his/her role in society fulfills a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted function. They will become:
    a. Members of Society who dedicate themselves to the service of others in their hour of need. As members they learn that they will be present in the community for an extended time, often a career. As such, they learn to act with integrity so that the true nature of their work is seen for its time-honored, traditional value, and not as a windfall to be enjoyed at the loss of someone’s loved one.
    b. Managers who help to plan and organize the details of a funeral, a tribute to a life lived and an opportunity to bring the community together to pay its respects. They are hosts who provide an environment for the support of the community that brings comfort to the bereaved family.
    c. Directors who professionally ensure the respectful disposition of a decedent and assist the bereaved family with getting back to the task of living.
  9. To respond ethically and appropriately to internal and external constituents when defining standards of excellence and accountability.
  10. To provide a meaningful curriculum at the post-secondary level of instruction that encourages outstanding teaching, appropriate research and a commitment to excellence.
  11. To provide and maintain an environment that is welcoming, safe, functional, accessible and cost-effective.
  12. To provide access to AAMI’s Associate Degree program in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories and to the military and their dependents anywhere in the world.