Curriculum Distribution by ABFSE

Public Health and TechnicalCourse #Course TitleCreditsTotals
PHT 201Principles of Embalming I22
PHT 412Clinicial Embalming11
PHT 312Microbiology for Embalmers33
PHT 313Principles of Embalming II22
PHT 316Anatomy II22
PHT 411Chemistry for Embalmers22
PHT 417Anatomy III22
PHT 413Pathology for Embalmers22
PHT 414Principles of Embalming III22
PHT 415Restorative Art33
PHT 416Comprehensive Science Review11
Subtotal in Public Health22
Business Management and ProfessionalBUS 102Communication Skills22
BUS 201Funeral Home Directing22
BUS 202Small Business Management22
BUS 311Accounting I22
BUS 312Funeral Home Management and Merchandising22
BUS 313Crematory and Cemetery Operations33
BUS 314Funeral Directing Practicum11
BUS 411Accounting II22
Subtotal in Business Management16
Social Sciences/ Humanities
SOC 101History of Funeral Service22
SOC 102Death and Human Development22
SOC 202Sociology of Funeral Service11
SOC 416Comprehensive Arts Review11
Subtotal in Social Sciences/ Humanities6
Legal, Ethical, RegulatoryLAW 101Professional Ethics11
LAW 201Business Law22
LAW 411Mortuary Law22
LAW 412State Rules and Regulations11
Subtotal in Legal, Ethical, Regulatory6
General Education (27.5%)
GEN 102Introduction to Science22
GEN 103Funeral Service Psychology and Counseling33
GEN 104Principles of Mathematics33
GEN 211Anatomy I33
GEN 212Introduction to Microbiology22
GEN 301Color and Cosmetics22
GEN 311Introduction to Pathology22
GEN 313Introduction to Chemistry22
Total in General Education19
Total Credits Required in Program69